Summer tires, and the turnin's easy...

update on the BFG Comp 2 tires mounted on an S2000. What it like? Well, TRON comes to mind. By the Brass Bracups of Thor, these is amazing! I mean, I have never really been able to go for a straight up "summer only" tire before. The S was my "practical transportation" for when I wasn't on the motorcycle, so I… » 7/27/14 10:18pm Yesterday 10:18pm

Back in my Mil Spec days, we would use Novus plastic polish on the windscreens of the helicopters, as well as the visors on motorcycle helmets. Stuff is pretty cheap as well! Pick up a cheapo harbor freight mandrel with the 3" foam pad attached and use the Novus. They have the 3 grades and you can give them a try. … » 7/27/14 10:09pm Yesterday 10:09pm

If I recall from the article about the guy who built the custom tv car, (can't remember the show...) the cost of driving a full size American car were downright abusive. He built on an old Buick (?) and the cost was high enough that he was not going to be able to drive it, even though it was pretty much his only… » 7/27/14 10:54am Yesterday 10:54am